Sanitation management

Gestió del sanejament

The regional sanitation services have the mission of managing, exploiting and maintaining high sanitation systems to guarantee the preservation of the environment, hence the importance of returning to the rivers, ravines, sea ... the water that we have used in optimal conditions. The two regions currently have about 133,890 inhabitants, of which approximately 93% belong to sanitized municipalities, which indicates that the situation of the Urban Wastewater Sanitation Program in both regions is largely completed and the Sanitation plans of the municipalities pending sanitation are in the pipeline or are included in the new Urban Wastewater Sanitation Program (PSARU 2005).


  • Management of the operation and maintenance of the 19 wastewater treatment plants (in the Baix Ebre region: Camarles, Deltebre, El Palmar, La Aldea, L'Ametlla de Mar, L'Ampolla, Marina San Jorge and Tortosa-Roquetes, and in the Montsià region: Alcanar, Amposta, Los Muntells, Godall, la Galera, la Sénia, Les Cases d'Alcanar, Masdenverge, San Carles de la Ràpita, Santa Bàrbara and Ulldecona), with 54 stations pumping, 63.1 km of upstream collectors and 2 submarine outfalls, which serve 18 municipalities.
  • Technical management of the operation and maintenance contracts in the Baix Ebre and Montsià regions.
  • Economic management of the regional sanitation services.
  • Drafting and directing of the replacement and improvement plans of the existing sanitation systems.
  • Review and advice on new infrastructure projects.
  • Granting of permits to connect new urban areas to sanitation systems.
  • Drafting of reports on the degree of saturation of the treatment plants.


  • Improve the management of the facilities, firstly with a more continuous control of the operation of the WWTPs with the monitoring of maintenance plans and with a more demanding control of the quality of the outlet water.
  • Propose to the ACA annually an increasingly ambitious Replacement and Improvement Plan with more proposals for improvements.
  • Improve data management on sanitation with the creation of a database.
  • Effectively and efficiently manage incidents.
  • Monitor the works planned in PSARU 2005 and, if necessary, propose new actions, giving priority to municipalities that do not have sanitation and then the execution of all those works that improve discharge.
  • Write an emergency plan for the Sanitation Facilities.
  • Transfer the Decree 130/2003 to have a Regional Sanitation Regulation.
  • Work with the agreement between the ACA and the Councils, for the transfer of the use of the facilities of the public sanitation system in discharge.

Projects and investments

Study of regeneration and use of treated water at the WWTPs of the Montsià Region (2011)

L'Agència Catalana de l'Aigua in the Urban Wastewater Sanitation Program (PSARU 2005), plans to carry out 52 actions in the Baix Ebre and Montsià region with a total budget of 57,220,504 euros. < / p>

Of the planned actions, the improvement and conditioning of the Camarles and L'Aldea treatment plants, the remodeling of the La Sénia treatment plant, and the improvements and expansion of the San Sénia treatment plant have already been carried out and are in operation. Carles de la Ràpita. The rest of the performances are divided into two stages, 27 performances correspond to the first stage (2006-2008), highlighting the construction of the Alfara de Carles, Benifallet, Tivenys, Vinallop, Paüls, Xerta-Aldover, Santiago de Enveja, Poble treatment plants Nou and Urb. Eucaliptus and, 20 a second (2009-2014) with the construction of treatment plants in the Tortosa neighborhoods, in the Mas de Barberans, Freginals and the Ulldecona neighborhoods.

Plan investments in the Baix Ebre region

Plànol inversions a la comarca del Baix Ebre

Investment plan in the Montsià region

Plànol inversions a la comarca del Montsià