Energy services companies

Enllumenat Empreses de serveis energètics

Energy Service Companies (ESE's) can play a relevant role in developing actions to save and efficiency and boost renewables, because these services involve a reduction in CO2 emissions providing improved efficiency energy and / or energy savings.

Aware of this reality, the county councils offer advice and follow-up on ESE’s through the Terres de l’Ebre Energy Agency.

The assistance offered is:

  • Drafting of the tender documents for the tender.
  • Update, if necessary, of the energy audit
  • Preparation of the evaluation report of the bids submitted.
  • Monitoring the development of the contract and the fulfillment of the objectives set for the successful bidder during the period of validity of the same.

The Agency has already assisted in the introduction of ESE’s in the comprehensive improvement of public lighting installations in the following municipalities with the following results:

results ESE