Procedures for the Montsià sanitation system

To process the discharge permit to the sewerage network, connection to the discharge sanitation system, discharge by tanker truck, views of a treatment plant, you can download and fill out the corresponding legal request form and attach the documentation that is indicated in each case.

  • Request form : the request form must be filled out, printed, signed and submitted by ordinary mail in the Montsià County Council register (Pl. Lluís Companys, s / n, 43870 Amposta) or, by hand.
  • Documentation: submit the documentation indicated in the same form.

Discharge permit to the municipal sewerage network

All non-domestic users, whose activity is included in sections C, D and E of the CCAE of 1993 or that generates discharges greater than 6,000 m3 / year, Model 1 or is potentially polluting Model 2 (article 7 of Decree 130/2003, Regulation of public sanitation services).

Download Model 1:

Download Model 2:

Renewal of the discharge authorization

If you want to renew the current authorization, you must submit this request to the Baix Ebre County Council.

Download Model 4:

Permission to connect to the sanitation system upstream

All Model 5 users / activities or Model 6 municipal actions that have to connect wastewater to the collector upstream of the sanitation system are required.

Download Model 5:

Download Model 6:

Dumping permit by tanker truck

1. Private wastewater producer (domestic sanitary / municipal sewer-EB cleaning, liquid mud) will communicate to the Baix Ebre County Council, through Model A, the need to dump domestic wastewater or similar to domestic with a tank truck.

2. Economic activities that have septic tanks (sanitary, industrial) must previously request to the Baix Ebre County Council, through Model B, the need to dump domestic or assimilable domestic wastewater by tanker truck.

Download Model A:

Download Model B:

Autortizació transportistas

To be able to carry out the services of emptying septic tanks / cleaning of sewage / cleaning of sanitation facilities, to the WWTPs of the Region, the transporters must have the authorization of the Catalan Waste Agency and only request the Permit to the Council Montsià district.

Download Model 7:

Visit WWTP

In order to visit a treatment plant in the region and learn first-hand how wastewater is treated, you must fill out the following form.

Download Model 8: