GIS and Remote Sensing

Fangar Delta. Autor: Mariano Cebolla

Functions and objectives

The basic idea of ​​this section is to provide support and assistance to municipal institutions and supra-municipal departments in everything related to cartography, geographic information systems and remote sensing. However, the area intends to bring together all the information generated and give it public access. This is to comply with the law on access to environmental information that is regulated by Law 27/2006, of July 18.

The main objectives of this section are:

  • Assistance and support in the development of urban cartography.
  • Planning and elaboration of base layers of the territory.
  • Development and maintenance of the Siamón and SIABE environmental information system.
  • Monitoring of environmental changes through remote sensing.
  • Disclosure of own cartographic information.
  • Maintenance and enrichment of the metadata catalog.
  • Elaboration of a cartographic database.


  • Inventory of rural roads and forest paths and tracks in the Montsià region and the Baix Ebre region (2003)
  • Flat development of irrigated areas according to the inventory of the Junta d'aigües de Catalunya (2004)
  • Development of the GIS layer with the publicly owned parcel (2004)
  • Precision topographic survey of the urban nucleus of Ulldecona (2005)
  • Network of UTM georeferenced bases in the Montsià region (2006)
  • Sewerage network of the municipalities of Montsià (2006)
  • Analysis of land use changes from 1956 to 2002 in municipalities of Montsià (2007)
  • Landscape ecology analysis of Terres de l'Ebre (2008)
  • Preparation of cartography of the civil protection plans of the INFOCAT, TRANSCAT municipality of Ulldecona (2010)