Energy management

Energia fotovoltaica

The county councils offer, through the Terres de l'Ebre Energy Agency of COPATE, the advice and collaboration in the energy accounting of the town councils and / or decentralized municipal entities of the county, as well as of public companies. Two support groups are defined:

1. Basic energy management service

which includes:

  • Control and monitoring of all energy bills (electrical and thermal) of consumption and costs of municipal offices and facilities. This control is done through an energy management software.
  • Management and monitoring of electricity and gas supply contracts of local bodies, establishing direct contact with marketing companies to make registrations, cancellations, changes, improvements and claims.
  • Presentation of an annual report to analyze the evolution and situation of local bodies in the field of energy, analyzing history and making proposals for improvements. Respond to all inquiries about energy consumption and costs that public bodies request from their facilities and / or facilities
  • GIS information system for public lighting by local bodies that request it
  • Advise on energy when required by the local body. • Monitor compliance with the objectives of the actions provided for in the SEAPs and SEAPs • Inform and collaborate in conferences and other events

2. Complete energy management service

which includes everything from the basic service plus the verification and monthly report of energy bills (electrical and thermal).