From COPATE we consider reused water as an alternative source of new uses, it is an alternative of great interest to reserve in our territory higher quality water for drinking and increase the availability of water for uses that require different qualities ( industrial, agricultural irrigation, municipal uses, aquifer recharge ...).


  • Make the most of the 10 hm3 of purified water that the treatment plants of the Baix Ebre and Montsià regions discharge annually into the riverbeds.
  • Encourage reuse among city councils and social agents of the territory as an activity of public interest.
  • Develop the "Studies of regeneration and use of the Montsià treatment plants", prepared in 2011. The most necessary reuse infrastructures for the territory should be promoted in accordance with the uses defined in each area and the quality criteria of reclaimed water for use.
  • Draft the Regional Plans for the Reuse of the treated water in the treatment plants of the Bajo Ebro region.

Reuse plan

Reuse data

In 2010, the La Sénia WWTP reused 100,348 m3 of treated water as support irrigation for the olive tree.