Municipal forest management

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The municipal forest management section provides support and assistance to all municipalities with forest lands, of public utility or patrimonial. In these, an integral management is carried out that goes through the defense of property, livestock management, prevention of forest fires and public use, among others.

The main objectives of this section are:

  • Establishment of municipal forest management and improvement measures.
  • Preparation of forest management projects and plans, technical or simple, for forest management and improvement in public utility and patrimonial farms of the municipalities.
  • Preparation of fire prevention plans.
  • Preparation of property defense reports.
  • Preparation of pasture plans.
  • Processing of aid.
  • Implementation of forest management and planning plans.
  • Monitoring in the execution of forestry work.
  • Promotion of actions for public use.
  • Actions for the dissemination of natural heritage.


  • Valldebous Forest Management Project (La Sénia) (2007)
  • Commons Forest Management Project (Mas de Barberans) (2007)
  • Technical Plan for Forest Management and Improvement Montsià - Mata Round (2007)
  • Forest management project for CUP 36, 37 and 38 of the Benifallet municipal area (2009)
  • Forest management project for CUP 9, 10, 76, 77 and the heritage mountains of Prat de Comte (2011)
  • Technical Plan for Forest Management and Improvement of the heritage mountains of Ulldecona (2011)
  • Comprehensive management of road improvement actions, construction of a water reserve point, reduction of fuel load, opening of pastures and opening of defense strips in heritage and public utility forests


The works and actions of the town councils are financed thanks to the help lines of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Diputació de Tarragona, in matters of forest management and prevention and extinction of forest fires, and with their own resources from the local entities themselves. In the process of execution of forestry works there are several phases where different institutions intervene:

  • Planning of actions. The CODE technicians plan them in coordination with the town councils and ADF, the Generalitat Natural Environment technicians and the Fire Department technicians.
  • Helpline request. It is processed by the CODE team.
  • Granting of aid. The competent administration, the Generalitat de Catalunya or the Diputació de Tarragona, depending on the available budget, grants the amounts in whole or in part.
  • Execution and certification. The city council hires a company to carry out the work. The Construction Management is made by the CODE team, who permanently works with the Natural Environment technicians who certify the executed work.