Insect control

The aim of these controls is the same as in the case of rodents to reduce the rodent population below the tolerance threshold, both economically and in terms of public health. The most important pests that can affect the municipality are: beetles, ants, fleas, wasps, etc.

Municipal sewer network.

Currently, most of the actions carried out are aimed at controlling beetles in the sewer network of municipalities. In recent years there has been a very high increase in complaints from residents of some municipalities about the influx of beetles inside homes. This insect lives basically in the sewer network and also in places where food is handled and there are hiding places where they can spend the day (kitchens, toilets, etc.).

The characteristics of the sewer make it difficult and laborious to carry out treatments inside the network and therefore, these actions must be combined with physical measures to solve the problem (siphon records at the outlet of the col. housing reader, plug holes lids).

These treatments in the sewer network consist of applications of chemical insecticides inside the municipal sewer logging wells. An insecticide in the form of a paste (silicone) is also applied to the holes in the lids of the sewer log wells, so that the beetles cannot get outside.

Municipal facilities.

This section also includes public facilities in the municipalities, such as swimming pools, libraries, markets, public schools, associations, etc. In some of these facilities, periodic population checks are carried out using baits with food attractants, in order to assess the degree of infestation of the facilities. in which and in others treatments are done on demand, depending on problems that arise on a one-off basis. In most cases, preventive measures are proposed to solve the problems (adjustment of doors, holes, light connections, etc.).

Other urban areas

More and more of these types of services are being offered to municipalities. Citizens are already aware of the existence of this service, and therefore, their complaints are more numerous (presence of beetles in homes, ants in their own homes, etc.).

Products used

Authorized chemicals are currently used. This implies that there is a very close contact between those responsible for these units and the CODE so that in the event of a pest problem, action is taken as quickly as possible. In this way we will avoid the preventive and systematic treatments that in many cases are unnecessary.